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Debugging is the essential part of malware analysis.


Every time we need to drill down into malware behavior, restore encryption methods or examine communication protocols — generally, whenever we need to examine memory at a certain moment of time — we use debuggers. Debuggers interfere with the debugged process in a way that usually produces side-effects. These side-effects are often used by malicious programs to verify if they are executed under debugging.

In turn knowledge of anti-debug techniques helps us detect when the malware tries to prevent us from debugging it and mitigate the interference. This encyclopedia contains the description of anti-debug tricks which work on the latest Windows releases with the most popular debuggers such as OllyDbg, WinDbg, x64dbg. Deprecated techniques e.

All the techniques which are described in this encyclopedia are implemented in our ShowStopper open-source project. The encyclopedia can help you to better understand how these techniques work or to assess debuggers and anti-anti-debug plugins.

About anti-debug tricks. Windows Anti-Debug Reference J. AntiRE Back to main page.Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. The problem manifests itself when trying to execute an unpacked executable file. The original file is packaged with UPX 3.

Note: there were 2 undefined imports when dumping, but I ignored them by deleting. I would also like to note that the original application did not want to fully work under the x64dbg debug, just as it completed its work when it was attached to the process.

Sorry for the mistakes, I am still quite new and have only been doing this for the last 2 days. Thank you for your attention! I think that the source file is protected from this, which is probably obvious, but I do not know what to do at all, and the desire to achieve the goal does not disappear.

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Congratulations to the 59 sites that just left Beta. Related Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Accept all cookies Customize settings.In short, you will need the Script Task, in the task you use System. Follow their code on GitHub. I tried attaching the process onto x32dbg as the software is a 32bit application but that crashes both dbg and the software.

Unpacking Remcos in x32dbg. This means that we can use whichever name we like to define the unicode string. Since OllyDbg was the debugger of choice for so many years, it will take awhile to run its course. VirtualProtect is implemented in Kernel Windows has a built-in debugger. This course was designed for those having no experience using Linux, but wanting to learn how to use it. The goal of this tutorial is to teach you some of the fundamentals of the x64dbg and show you how closely its features and flexibility resembles its close cousin Ollydbg.

This instruction is a jump to itself or EB FE, which is a jump back two. Ollydbg had one. Start debugging rundll I don't… Using x32dbg's log functionality, what is the first DLL loaded after the execution of the malware entry breakpoint? I already submitted all the dlls listed in the Log Function of x32dbg but did not get the right answer.

If you use the -sins command-line option, the debugger ignores the symbol path environment variable. By employing any number of combinations of the above and previously described checks, methods, and techniques, malware can gain a substantial degree of environmental awareness and avoid or adjust its execution if it detects it is being executed in an undesirable environment.

Any help is appreciated. It's open source and actively developed by a team of maintenances. No empathy for packers The goal of unpacking is to retrieve the original PE file with a minimum amount of time and effort. Search for all referenced text in all the modules. Improve: Use segment name as module name when segment not belong to module IDA Improve: Address range autofill use mapped address instead of image base address; Add: File image source use specified file when memory and address base mode selected; Add: Dummy image header mode for image which not have valid image header - v1.

So, we would be switching through both of them. Check out your stats.Hi walee. I love your post. It's very helpful : Btw, can u fix the plugin dll's download link? Thanks before. Hellothe plugin it's working on wxp sp3. After olly attachthe process is stoped to exit processif i push F9the programm terminate. What i have to do after olly attach process? So, i am going to choose some fancy tricks and try to explain them in detail. The story begins when i was trying to analyze a security issue in an infamous application.

I tried to attach ollydbg to the running process but the process immediately crashed. I quickly googled "anti-attach tricks" and found many useful links. In the next few posts, i am going to explain those anti-attach tricks. It would surely be better to understand how debuggers attach themselves to running processes in order to understand those tricks and perhaps innovate new ones.

The main idea behind attaching is that a debugger calls the "DebugActiveProcess" function which ends up with calling the "RtlCreateUserThread" function to create a new remote thread into the target process, with the "DbgUiRemoteBreakin" function as the new thread entry point.

Thread creation occurs in the "DbgUiIssueRemoteBreakin" function, which looks something like the highlighted line in the image below. Here you can download the source code for the example above. Trying to attach to such a process, as you can see in the image below, results into terminating the process. Bypassing this trick is pretty easy. Just load olly into another instance of olly, set a breakpoint on the " RtlCreateUserThread " function call, and finally modify its seventh paramter to point to any int3 in the target process address space.

Once execution stops at int3 in the debugged ollydbgkill the current thread. This way we can bypass this anti-attach trick whether the "DbgUiRemoteBreakin" or "DbgBreakPoint" function is patched in the target process address space. This bypass trick seems to be impractical. So, i decided to write a simple ollydbg plugin for this situation.

The plugin code gets the process handle from the stack, allocates memory into this process, and finally writes a few instruction to the new memory. Here you can download the plugin dll. You can follow me on Twitter waleedassar. Anonymous April 12, at PM. Anonymous January 23, at AM. Anonymous March 14, at PM. Anonymous October 1, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me walied View my complete profile. Search This Blog. Powered by Blogger.Here I demonstrate to you three and a half! Malware is often packed for the purpose of AntiVirus and Analysis evasion, therefore it is super useful to know how to dump malware in its unpacked form.

Here I demonstrate how to unpack using UPX which is cheating, right! Eyeballing the tail jump 2. Using Hardware Breakpoint on the stack 3. Tools used: Ollydbg - www.

Scylla - x64/x86 Imports Reconstruction

Brilliant, in-depth and well explained video as always! Thank you for making these fast yet informative videos and explaining each step.

Appriciate it a lot. Very useful info and VERY well presented much like your previous videos. Keep up the good work. You should do a livestream of this. Really like your videos and I think it could work in a stream like taking viewer malware submissions.

Hey Colin, thank you very much for your informative video. I'm analyzing a malware that uses Unopix 0. Great tutorial.

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Really its very useful. In a very short period of time you have explained how to get unpacked version using differenct methods. Very intellectual. I love every video where you learn something new. Discover a new tool understand something better. Thank you. This dude speaks so fast yet I can understand it all. Omg thank you so much. I have 2 problems with my binary though:.

Great video btw everything was explained perfectly. KZ its. Three and a half ways to unpack malware using Ollydbg. Love your videos, keep up the great work man. Cristi Vlad. Great channel bro. Looking forward to more content from here. Keep going. Loving your videos! You have my dream job! Hey Colin which software do you use for VMs? Dunno what any of this means. But its definitely good and rather intellectual.

Crazy alluarjun painting shorts viral trending Dr.Download » Source » Bitcoin. You can find a more exhaustive list of contributers on the wiki. Check out the blog! A familiar, yet new interface. Fully customizable color schemes. One GUI, two platforms: x64 and x More information about jump targets and register values. Smart, content-sensitive register view. Memory map Symbol view Thread view Source code view Content-sensitive register view Fully customizable color scheme Dynamically recognize modules and strings Import reconstructor integrated Scylla Fast disassembler Zydis User database JSON for comments, labels, bookmarks, etc.

Overview Active development x64dbg is under constant active development. GPLv3 We provide both the executable and the source. Feel free to contribute. There is only one interface. Scriptable x64dbg has an integrated, debuggable, ASM-like scripting language. Community-aware x64dbg has many features thought of or implemented by the reversing community.

Extendable Write plugins to add script commands or to integrate your tools. Contact x64dbg on Twitter x64dbg on Google Groups x64dbg [at] googlegroups.Internet Best Regards.

This is collection. NET tools. Bin 26 Keygen Maker 0. OllyDbg 2. New plugin interface is similar to the old v1. It includes more than API functions, 60 or so variables and many enumerations and structures that all need to be documented. This will take a while, therefore I decided to make a preliminary release. It includes plugin header file plugin. Writing your own plugins without the documentation is a pure masochism, but at least you will be able to analyse the structure of the interface and send me your comments, wishes and suggestions.

This is the last alpha release. After plugin documentation is ready, I will call it 2. Then I will start to write OllyDbg help and finally make the full 2. Till then, I plan no major changes. Other new features in this version: - Patch manager, similar to 1.

Now you can customize and share your shortcuts. I haven't tested it on Win7, please report any found bugs and incompatibilities!

In the previous versions I've postponed analysis, respectivcely reading of the. But sometimes it took plenty of time, module started execution and was unable to break on the breakpoints placed in the DLL initialization routine - Automatic search for the SFX entry point, very raw and works only with several packers.

Should be significantly more reliable than 1. If you tried it on some SFX and OllyDbg was unable to find real entry, please send me, if possible, the link or executable for analysis!

ScyllaHide is an advanced open-source x64/x86 user mode Anti-Anti-Debug library. It hooks various functions to hide debugging. This tool is intended to stay in. and to plugins\x86\ or plugins\x64\ (can be combined with TitanHide which does kernelmode hiding) - for OllyDbg v This tool is intended to stay in usermode (ring3). ScyllaHide supports various debuggers with plugins: OllyDbg v1 and v2 Forked from NtQuery/ScyllaHide.

ScyllaHide - Usermode Anti-Debugger, изображение №1. ScyllaHide supports various debuggers through plugins: OllyDbg v1 and. Forked from NtQuery/ScyllaHide. ScyllaHide supports various debuggers through plugins: OllyDbg v1 and v2 · x64dbg · Hex-Rays IDA v6 (not supported); TitanEngine. x64dbg can debug both x64 and x32 applications.

There is only one interface. Built on open-source libraries. x64dbg uses Qt, TitanEngine, Zydis, Yara, Scylla. ScyllaHide is an advanced open-source x64/x86 usermode Anti-Anti-Debug library. It hooks various functions in usermode to hide debugging. Download Download Scyllahide ollydbg guide Read Online Read Online Scyllahide ollydbg guide scylla x64dbg ollydbg anti debug plugin x64dbg vmprotectscyl.

This is not possible in x32dbg/x64dbg at all and it crashes when dealing with managed code. Compatibility with bit systems: ScyllaHide for. ScyllaHide is an open-source x64/x86 usermode Anti-Anti-Debug library. It hooks various functions in usermode to hide debugging.

This will stay usermode! for OllyDbg v Copy and to your plugins directoy - for OllyDbg v Copy and. This software is a shareware. To use this program on a permanent basis or for commercial purposes, you should register it by sending filled registration form to. In general, for bypassing anti-debug techniques we recommend using the ScyllaHide plugin which supports OllyDbg, x64dbg and IDA Pro.

All the techniques which. Using the Scylla module, with an indication of the true entry point, a dump and a fix of the dump were made. Note: there were 2 undefined. ScyllaHide supports various debuggers through plugins: OllyDbg v1 and v2 · x64dbg · Hex-Rays IDA v6 (not supported); TitanEngine v2 (original and updated. OllyDbg is a bit assembler level analysing debugger for Microsoft x64dbg uses Qt, TitanEngine, capstone, Yara, Scylla, Jansson, lz4.

This plugin is process memory dumper for OllyDbg and Immunity Debugger. Very simple overview: OllyDumpEx = OllyDump + PE Dumper - obsoleted + useful. ScyllaHide, Plugin for x64dbg (and OllyDbg 2, and others) - Performs anti-anti-debugging to hide your analysis tool from the malware.

ScyllaHide v2021-08-23 releases: advanced open-source x64/x86 usermode Anti-Anti-Debug library

Note that while Scylla managed to locate the VA, it fails to detect the correct size initially. We could use ollydbg to identify the size and enter it. Debugger,19 OllyDbg The following examples are demonstrated using x64dbg. Open Scylla and attach it to the process of the executable (the code is.